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Weekly Economic Summary

March 15, 2010

If you’ve ever wondered where all the seemingly random statistics that make up the financial news come from (housing starts, capacity utilization, initial unemployment claims, etc), what they mean, and when they come out, one of the best resources I’ve found is Calculated Risk’s “Weekly Summary” posts. Every week, they post the upcoming statistical releases, what they mean, and what the expected values are. Even better, they then recap the last week’s releases, giving you a good platform for making sense of the upcoming numbers and where they fit in the overall picture.

This week’s upcoming releases for example: Industrial production and capacity utilization, housing market index, Empire manufacturing survey, housing starts, an FOMC statement, mortgage applications index, producer price index, initial weekly unemployment claims, and the February consumer price index. Quite a handful, and yet they’ve done a great job of summarizing it all.

It’s a great resource for those looking to get a better understanding of the numbers behind the economy. Their other posts are great as well–Calculated Risk is a great resource in any case, and they’re one of my “must read” feeds in my Google Reader.


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